“A family owned business for years, Ross Cleaners is truly a cut above the rest! Carl, the owner, is friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about his stains. His seamstress, is one of a kind! You will never deal with sweeter people. Ross Cleaners gives you a reason to be a messy eater. The satisfaction is more than guaranteed.”
Lena L.

“Ross Cleaners is a hidden treasure in a world where there is a dry cleaner on every corner. The owners know everyone by name so you don’t even need your claim check. Although very old school, Ross Cleaners offers all the frills; cleaning, storage, alterations, and repairs. The prices are great. Come on where can you get that and a chat about the Pat’s?”
Diane K.

“If you ever have a stain that you think will not come out–stop–don’t touch it and drive immediately to Ross Cleaners. Carl, the owner, can get out any stain–bar none. The service is outstanding. I have seen strangers walk in with emergencies and with grace and a touch of class, Carl solves their problems. Always excellent service and always with a smile or joke. No wonder they have been in business for 50 years and have a loyal clientele that remain loyal even after moving out to the burbs. And, there is a delivery service with a small fee for a huge convenience.”
Amy B.